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Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller

The Aloe Vera plant grows wild across the drier areas of India and Africa. This plant has the ability to store moisture and therefore has the ability to survive in very dry environments. This plant is also incredibly resistant to almost all insect pests due to its hard and tough outer rind.  These resilient, moistening and soothing properties can then be passed onto us.

We cut away the outer-leaf and use the inner gel packed full of nourishing polysaccharides and fibre to make our unique Aloe Vera Juice. We don’t use any synthetic preservatives such as potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate keeping this elixir juice certified organic. This keeps it tasting as fresh and delicious as Aloe Vera can be. If you think ‘delicious’ is a step too far, then you can take advantage of our Wholistic Aloe Vera capsules made from the freeze-dried juice.

The Indian name for Aloe Vera is ‘Kumari’ meaning ‘Young Maiden’ in lieu of its reputation for keeping our skin young and healthy. The Egyptians named this plant the ‘plant of immortality’ and was often given as a gift during important rites of passage. 

Ayurveda considers the plant to be a tridoshic ‘hero’ plant, feeding all constitutions and all tissues. Indeed, Aloe gel has traditionally been used as a general tonic supporting the digestive, skin, and female reproductive systems. Traditional Ayurveda believes Aloe Vera to be rejuvenating, nourishing, and replenishing.

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